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Unlocking Success through Innovative Show & Event Marketing Strategies


With hundreds of businesses present, make

sure yours is the one customers remember.

When it comes to shows and expos, they can be a great way to build your brand and drive leads. Without a proper plan, though, they can end up being a waste of money.

With our training, we will make sure when you attend a show or expo, you are prepared to make an impact. You'll walk away with better brand awareness and a host of new leads!

Through a seamless fusion of foundational principles and cutting-edge concepts, Innovation, professionalism, and creativity converge in their approach to show and event marketing, shaping an experience that transcends the ordinary. From the groundwork to the most intricate details, Altruistic Advisory's  team hold the key to harnessing the full power of these platforms, propelling your business to achieve results that are nothing short of exceptional.


Booth Training


Discover a whole new approach to booth promotion training that redefines engagement at home improvement events. Our strategy encompasses the art of captivating pitches that resonate with diverse audiences and forging personal connections through active listening and relatable success stories. Experience the power of immersive visuals with interactive presentations, showcasing your dream space transformations through AR and VR. Our experts are poised to provide in-depth insights into trending technologies and designs, while interactive activities and engaging giveaways keep the excitement alive. Seamlessly collect attendee information for personalized follow-up, and explore the world of gamification that educates while entertaining. With a focus on sustainability and collaborative demonstrations, we're committed to making your booth a dynamic hub of innovation. Join us in turning engagement into meaningful connections, and let's elevate your presence at home improvement events to unprecedented heights.

Marketing Materials


Elevate your presence at trade shows with an array of captivating marketing materials that leave a lasting impression. From informative brochures to eye-catching flyers and postcards featuring QR codes for instant access to exclusive content, our arsenal ensures seamless engagement. Discover enticing special offers designed to evoke urgency, compelling attendees to take immediate action. Immerse visitors in your brand with branded keychains, T-shirts, and tote bags, establishing a tactile connection that endures beyond the event. Our meticulously crafted pens exude professionalism while serving as memorable takeaways. With a diverse range of materials tailored to capture attention and communicate your unique value proposition, your booth becomes an unforgettable destination for attendees seeking innovation and value.

Specials and Sweepestakes


Ignite homeowner interest with a collection of groundbreaking giveaways and sweepstakes that redefine engagement. These inventive strategies will set your booth apart, drawing homeowners into an unforgettable journey of innovation and inspiration.


Let's Connect 

Unlocking Success through Innovative Show & Event Marketing Strategies

Remember, innovation and creativity are key in the ever-evolving home improvement industry. Continuously evaluate emerging marketing trends and technologies to stay ahead of the competition and deliver exceptional results.


Now, it's time to unleash your creativity and implement these best practices to build a cutting-edge marketing machine funnel that drives growth and success in the home improvement industry!

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