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Meet our Field Marketing Expert Advisor

Matthew Tomko: Sales Expert and Entrepreneur


Matthew Tomko is a dynamic sales expert and entrepreneur with a proven track record of success in the home remodeling industry. With a strong foundation in sales and a keen business acumen, Matthew has achieved remarkable milestones throughout his career, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and a passion for driving growth. Matthew's journey began at the University of Maryland, where he honed his skills and laid the groundwork for his future endeavors.


His career in sales commenced with Power Home Remodeling, where he started as a canvasser or field marketer, quickly distinguishing himself by breaking records in sets, demos, and gross sales. His exceptional performance propelled him to transition into inside sales, where he consistently ranked as a million-dollar representative for three consecutive years. In 2013, Matthew ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing his first roofing company, achieving an impressive $7 million in sales within the first eight months. Undeterred by challenges, he continued to expand his entrepreneurial ventures, founding Summit Home Remodeling in 2015. Under his leadership, Summit Home Remodeling experienced exponential growth, with sales totaling $35 million in just four years.

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Matthew gained invaluable insights into various aspects of business operations, including financing, cost management, human resources, and sales strategy. His hands-on experience allowed him to master critical metrics such as cost per lead and cost per demo, while also excelling in team building, hiring, and retention.


In 2020, Matthew made a strategic decision to diversify his portfolio by offering consulting services to a diverse range of entities, including Hurls Bath, Brothers Construction Services, and Potomac Custom Remodeling, among others. In this capacity, he not only shared his expertise in sales and door-to-door marketing but also learned invaluable lessons in best practices and pitfalls to avoid.


Driven by a desire to empower others and share his wealth of knowledge, Matthew is now dedicated to mentoring and coaching aspiring entrepreneurs and sales professionals. Through his consultancy work and motivational speaking engagements,
he imparts practical skills and strategies to help individuals achieve their dreams efficiently and profitably.


With a relentless commitment to excellence and a passion for continuous improvement, Matthew Tomko exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship and serves as an inspirational leader in the home remodeling industry.

"Proven track record of success in the home remodeling industry"
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