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Our "Why" is to revolutionize the industry, empower individuals and workplaces to thrive and achieve success, and shape a transformative legacy.

Altruistic Advisory believes in a greater purpose and discovering your WHY. 


In Simon Sinek's enlightening TED Talk "How Great Leaders Inspire Action", he introduces the concept of the "Golden Circle," comprising three layers: "What," "How," and "Why." Sinek argues that truly influential leaders, organizations, and movements communicate from the inside out, starting with the "Why" – the core purpose that drives their actions.

Discover your "WHY"

Why: The innermost circle, and the focal point of Sinek's thesis, is the "Why." This encapsulates the deeper purpose, the driving motivation behind an organization's existence beyond profits.


What: This represents the surface layer, encompassing the products or services an organization offers. It's the tangible output of their efforts.


How: The second layer delves into the process and methods through which an organization operates or delivers its products/services. It's the unique approach that sets them apart.

Example: APPLE

Sinek cites Apple as an example of a company that follows the Golden Circle pattern:
What: Apple produces computers and gadgets.
How: They design innovative, user-friendly technology.
Why: Their "Why" is challenging the status quo and thinking differently, as seen in their iconic "Think Different" campaign. This inspires a community of like-minded individuals.

Example: The Wright Brothers

Another example is the Wright brothers:
What: Their product was an airplane.
How: They pursued relentless experimentation and iteration.
Why: The Wright brothers' "Why" was about defying the boundaries of human capability and achieving the impossible.


A pattern emerges from these examples: Think, Act and Communication.


 The leaders and organizations that inspire action start with the "Why." They have a clear and compelling purpose that serves as their guiding star.


They align their actions and decisions with that purpose. Everything they do resonates with their core beliefs.


This pattern is reinforced in how they communicate. Their messaging revolves around the "Why," creating a connection with their audience based on shared values.


Incorporating this pattern can lead to profound impacts on organizational culture, customer loyalty, and overall success. Leaders who effectively communicate their "Why" can rally teams, attract devoted followers, and achieve enduring success.

Applying the Concept to Altruistic Advisory

To apply this concept to Altruistic Advisory:

What: We offer strategic partnerships and innovative solutions in the home improvement industry.

How: We approach partnerships with tailored expertise and unwavering integrity.

Why: Our "Why" is to revolutionize the industry, empower businesses to thrive and achieve success, and shape a transformative legacy.


By starting with the "Why," we can establish a sense of purpose and inspire action that resonates deeply with all stakeholders.


Remember, it's not just about what you do, but why you do it. That's the key to unlocking unparalleled influence and impact.

Money is a result not the why

Money is the vehicle to get you where you want to go, who you want to help, and the life you want to unlock. Who do you want to help? What life do you want to unlock? Where do you want to go?

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