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Trends culture centric world.jpeg
Trends culture centric world.jpeg

Welcome to Our Culture-Centric World

Culture is shaped by a clear sense of purpose and direction, represented by the mission and vision of why a business exists.


Our Purpose and Direction

Culture is the cornerstone of our organization, driven by a clear sense of purpose and direction. Our purpose defines our mission and vision, answering the fundamental question of why we exist. It's the driving force behind everything we do. Our direction, on the other hand, is the roadmap to where we're going. It outlines our ambitions and what we want our business to become. It guides our team's thoughts and actions.

Culture: The Unseen Force

Our culture is what sets us apart. It's how we think and behave, even when no one is watching. It's the living embodiment of our core values, and it's the driving force behind our success.

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The Five Pillars of Our Culture:

 Community Outreach:

  • We believe in giving back to the community. Initiatives like "Windows for a Cause" and "Bravebaths" are just some of the ways we make a positive impact.

Transformational Thinking:

We challenge the status quo daily, influencing how people think, feel, and act. We believe in our ability to shape perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors.

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Belief in Transferability

We transfer belief from ourselves to others. We see potential in everyone and instill confidence through our unwavering belief in their abilities.


A Training Mentality

  • We operate like a training organization, teaching homeowners why they should choose us, focusing on ETH3R: Ethical, Trainable, Hungry, Energetic, and Reliable.


The Written Word

If it's not documented, it doesn't exist. We prioritize putting everything in writing to ensure clarity and accountability.

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Leaders vs Managers

Leaders drive change and set the tone. Managers navigate daily complexities, ensuring systems and processes are followed. Both roles are essential, and we embrace the distinctions.

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Accountability is at the heart of our culture. We hold ourselves, our team, and our organization accountable to deliver excellence to our customers. We live by the 10 Commandments for Accountability:

Daily huddles ensure alignment.
KPIs are a compass for success.
Personal growth is paramount.
Vision boards inspire and guide.
Post-installation questionnaires complete the feedback loop.

Our culture is our differentiator. It's defined by our lowest level of acceptable behavior, who we hire, and who we promote. At the helm, our CEO, Sean McGraw, embodies our core values: Drive, Servant Leadership, Growth, Grit, Speaking Minds, and Fostering Good Vibes.


Join Us on Our Journey:

As we empower our employees, foster accountability, and drive personal, professional, and financial growth, we invite you to be a part of our culture-centric world. Together, we shape the future of home improvement, one exceptional experience at a time.

A Strong Culture sets Your company apart

Culture is the way you communicate purpose, expectations, and recognition, the key drivers of engagement or thriving at work.


When you get the culture right, your employees are inspired, you deliver on your brand promise, and your customers are satisfied. When you get it wrong, you leave all of that to chance.

How well can you articulate your organization's culture?

Partner with us to begin aligning your culture with your mission and purpose.


See the latest data on how U.S. employees feel about their organization's culture.

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