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Strategic Methods to Generate more Lead Flow

The power of lead generation, both branded and non-branded, lies in its ability to spark connections and cultivate growth. Branded lead generation leverages the strength of your identity and reputation, drawing prospects who resonate with your values. On the other hand, non-branded efforts tap into broader market interests, casting a wider net and fostering curiosity. Both strategies harness distinct avenues to attract potential clients, nurturing relationships that can blossom into lasting partnerships. Together, they form a dynamic duo, synergizing your brand's essence with expansive outreach, fueling your business's evolution.

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Lead Generation


Google Local Service Ads

Experience the pinnacle of lead generation efficiency with Google Local Service Ads. Unlock the potential of direct call-ins and seamless form fill-outs, delivering the highest conversion rates in the industry. Instantly connect with customers seeking your services, harnessing the power of real-time interactions to turn inquiries into loyal clients. With Google's trusted platform, elevate your business to the forefront of local searches, capturing leads with unmatched precision and speed.


Google PPC

Maximize your lead generation potential with Google PPC campaigns. Experience unrivaled conversion rates through direct call-ins and streamlined form fill-outs. Harness the reach and precision of Google's platform to connect with eager prospects in real-time. Whether it's a simple call or a quick form submission, our Google PPC strategy ensures the highest conversion rates, driving your business forward with unparalleled success.


Google My Business

Elevate your online presence through Google My Business. Unlock the power of indexing with Google to ensure your business is prominently showcased in search results. Harness the potential of organic posting to enrich your Google real estate, empowering your brand equity. With each post, you shape a dynamic narrative that resonates with your audience and fuels your online authority. Expand your digital footprint with Google My Business, enhancing your visibility and solidifying your place in the digital landscape.


Live Transfers & Appointments

Streamline your lead generation with our Live Transfers and Appointments service, perfect for those lacking outbound dialing resources or in need of swift, high-quality appointments. Our seamless process ensures a seamless transition from prospect to connection, allowing you to focus on what you do best. With prices ranging from $125 to $350, our cost-effective solution provides access to a pool of ready-to-engage leads, saving you time and effort while delivering valuable results.

Exclusive Raw Leads


Unlock a stream of exclusive raw leads tailored to your needs, priced attractively from $50 to $120. Experience conversion rates ranging from 25% to 35%, translating leads into tangible results. Our comprehensive approach involves outbound dialing a minimum of 3 times daily, bolstered by strategic touchpoints including text, email, and voice drops. This multi-pronged engagement strategy ensures optimal lead nurturing, maximizing your chances of turning prospects into clients.

Shared Raw Leads


Gain access to shared raw leads, available at an attractive range of $30 to $95. With conversion rates averaging 10% to 25%, these leads present a valuable opportunity to drive growth. Our strategy involves proactive outbound dialing, a minimum of 4 times daily, supplemented by strategic touchpoints including text, email, and voice drops. Moreover, our commitment to speed-to-lead ensures you're ahead of the curve. To truly stand out, we've devised a unique approach that sets you apart from competitors, enhancing your chances of success in a competitive landscape.



Introducing innovative RevShare program—a performance-based model designed to align with your success. With conversion rates ranging from 5% to 15%, you pay only for what translates into productive net sales volume. This means no upfront costs, and you won't be charged for cancellations or credit turn downs. This approach ensures you invest in tangible results, making your growth strategy efficient, effective, and cost-conscious.

lead nurturing

Lead nurturing and optimization are the cornerstones of a robust return on investment. By strategically cultivating leads and refining your lead generation processes, you can maintain marketing costs below 10%. This dynamic approach not only maximizes your resource utilization but also ensures that each investment you make yields long-term dividends.


Unlocking Success through Optimization: Effective communication with your vendors is paramount. By sharing comprehensive data and metrics encompassing raw leads, live leads, set appointments, conversion rates, issued appointments, demo appointments, gross and net sold figures, marketing costs, and more, you pave the way for strategic campaign refinement. This collaborative approach empowers vendors to leverage insights, enhancing campaign performance and driving results that truly matter.

Next Level Marketing Starts With Choosing The Best Partners and Platforms

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Remember, innovation and creativity are key in the ever-evolving home improvement industry. Continuously evaluate emerging marketing trends and technologies to stay ahead of the competition and deliver exceptional results.


Now, it's time to unleash your creativity and implement these best practices to build a cutting-edge marketing machine funnel that drives growth and success in the home improvement industry!

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