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Meet Kyle Sellers

Kyle is an industry expert uniquely qualified to add new life to your organization!  He has over 10 years experience with the Home Improvement Industry’s top organizations.  His expertise is in developing fresh and effective sales models, facilitating world-class trainings, and building ongoing training programs.  He has proven results with multiple organizations including Tundraland Home Improvements, Jacuzzi, and KOHLER, driving success through sales model development.  His unique approach stands out, as Kyle understands how to teach and implement Leadership Selling to inspire customers to want to do business with your organization.

Get a custom Sales Training Manual

Professional Services


Keynote talks on Influence, Leadership Selling, Essential Behaviors of Effective Management, Growth, and more.


Kyle Sellers is a Sales Training Professional specializing in customized 1-3 Day workshops for the Home Improvement Industry.


Improve company profitability and culture through developing leaders, managers, and manager/leaders.


Breathe life into your organization through customized sales development and follow up training.

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