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Need to Create A Dashboard?

Meet Our Dashboard Expert Advisor:

Brooke Germscheid:

PowerBI Expert: Data Scientist

Brooke Germscheid is a highly skilled professional with a diverse background in data analytics, financial management, and dashboard development. Holding a Masters of Business Administration, Brooke continually demonstrated her expertise and leadership capabilities in various roles. With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the University of Rutgers Camden and additional studies in Business Administration from Gloucester County College, Brooke possesses a solid educational foundation complemented by practical experience.


Currently serving as a Senior Data Analyst and report writer for a MSO healthcare organization, Brooke excels in collecting, analyzing, and presenting complex data from multiple sources. Her proficiency in SQL, SSMS, SSRS, Excel and Power BI has been instrumental in driving business analytics and aiding strategic decision making within the organization.

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With excellent communication skills and a commitment to continuous improvement, Brooke is well-equipped to thrive in dynamic and collaborative environments. Her dedication to accuracy, attention to detail, and proactive approach to problem-solving make her an asset to any organization.


Brooke is a Power BI expert with a background in data visualization, report development, and data analysis. Creating dashboards is all about getting more value out of your time and allowing the numbers to speak to businesses and be more efficient day to day.

My Power BI expertise include:

  • Connect your data from any data source supported by Power BI (Excel, SQL, SharePoint, Access, etc.) to PowerBI.

  • Power Query

  • Web scraping

  • DAX language expert

  • Dynamic Visualizations

  • Eye-Catching Graphics and Charts

  • Fastly loaded Reports because I will use measures instead of extra columns.

Part of this service includes:

  • Connecting your Data source to Power BI

  • Classify all data fields correctly to ensure that all data is accurately analyzed and communicated by PowerBI.

  • Produce a Customized Dashboard with a variety of visualizations that best demonstrate the specific Metrics you need.

  • Assign appropriate Security Levels to each dataset.

  • Provide an easy-to-use data update gateway.

  • If required, publish your finalized reports to your Power BI cloud service.

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