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Unlocking Success in the Home Improvement Industry 

Stack the deck in your favor

Innovative and Strategic Lead Flow Approach

In the dynamic realm of home improvement, the pursuit of Internet-generated leads presents both a canvas for innovation and a crucible for creativity. For contractors, acquiring these leads can be a substantial investment. Yet, the challenge lies not only in securing them but in orchestrating the alchemical transformation from a prospect's interest to a closed deal.

These insights have the power to catalyze a monumental shift in your sales trajectory.



Elevate Your Web Leads with Strategic Precision

Consider this scenario: you invest in 100 web leads, each at a cost of $100, and convert 30 of them into appointments. While the 100 leads represent a $10,000 expenditure, each appointment effectively translates to a $333 investment—a reasonable cost.


Now, imagine your sales team successfully closes 20% of these appointments, resulting in six sales, each with an average job size of $8,000. This equates to $48,000 in revenue, burdened by a marketing cost of 20.8%. Regrettably, the addition of sales commissions, labor, and materials may render these jobs financially unsustainable.

However, envision a scenario where you elevate your closing rate to 30% with an average job size of $10,000. This would translate to a revenue of $90,000, accompanied by an 11% marketing cost from the same campaign—an altogether more favorable financial outlook. The path to realizing this transformation is paved with innovative strategies.


Introduce a Complimentary Gift with Every Purchase

A judiciously selected free promotional item can serve as the key to unlock your prospects' hearts and wallets. Whether it's gifting a new grill to a client engaging you for a deck project or a modest Amazon gift card for any project, such additional perks can tip the scales in favor of closing the deal.

Highlight Attractive Payment Options

Even if your clientele possesses the means to pay upfront, the allure of alternative payment options cannot be underestimated. Offering no payments and no interest for a year can be highly appealing and often results in larger project scopes. For those requiring extended payment terms, low monthly options for the duration of the loan's life, or special interest rates, can be instrumental in clinching deals. Incorporate these financing incentives into your marketing messaging to optimize lead generation.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

In Your Customers

Harness the potent force of scarcity to sway your audience's decisions. Launching short-term flash sales or limited-time offers instills a sense of urgency. Provide compelling reasons for potential clients to act promptly, which invariably contributes to an uptick in your closing rate.

Create an irresistible Package

Combine the aforementioned strategies for an offer that's nearly impossible to decline. Communicate to your customers that they will receive a free gift exclusively upon purchase by a specified date. Extend the allure by offering temporary financing options, including no payments and no interest for a year, followed by affordable monthly payments. To heighten the sense of urgency, clearly convey that these offers are reserved for a select few who commit within a designated timeframe.

Exclusive Raw Leads


Unlock a stream of exclusive raw leads tailored to your needs, priced attractively from $50 to $120. Experience conversion rates ranging from 25% to 35%, translating leads into tangible results. Our comprehensive approach involves outbound dialing a minimum of 3 times daily, bolstered by strategic touchpoints including text, email, and voice drops. This multi-pronged engagement strategy ensures optimal lead nurturing, maximizing your chances of turning prospects into clients.

Shared Raw Leads


Gain access to shared raw leads, available at an attractive range of $30 to $95. With conversion rates averaging 10% to 25%, these leads present a valuable opportunity to drive growth. Our strategy involves proactive outbound dialing, a minimum of 4 times daily, supplemented by strategic touchpoints including text, email, and voice drops. Moreover, our commitment to speed-to-lead ensures you're ahead of the curve. To truly stand out, we've devised a unique approach that sets you apart from competitors, enhancing your chances of success in a competitive landscape.



Introducing innovative RevShare program—a performance-based model designed to align with your success. With conversion rates ranging from 5% to 15%, you pay only for what translates into productive net sales volume. This means no upfront costs, and you won't be charged for cancellations or credit turn downs. This approach ensures you invest in tangible results, making your growth strategy efficient, effective, and cost-conscious.


Ultimately, the key to lead generation transcends the source itself—it resides in cultivating a sacred mindset where every lead is considered precious. Empower your sales team with the right tools, enabling them to emerge as heroes in the eyes of their customers. Through innovation, creativity, and unwavering professionalism, you can navigate the intricate landscape of the home improvement industry with aplomb.

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Remember, innovation and creativity are key in the ever-evolving home improvement industry. Continuously evaluate emerging marketing trends and technologies to stay ahead of the competition and deliver exceptional results.


Now, it's time to unleash your creativity and implement these best practices to build a cutting-edge marketing machine funnel that drives growth and success in the home improvement industry!

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